Day 6, Friday 30 march, 42km
Marathon day. Assuming I avoided disaster, I felt as though the race was nearly done now.
A marathon, but only a three CP day. I ran the majority of the distance into CP1 and stopped for a sock change. As with other sections, I find the secret is to latch onto another runner, this time a French girl. Whilst we acknowledge each other’s presence, we run alone, 4-5 feet apart on parallel tracks. Neither of us breaks stride and the journey to CP1 is soon complete.

Moving out, the first stage of the journey to CP2 was on rocky flats again, during which time I meet up with Keith and we run together into the dune section before CP2, walking the rest of the way in. After CP2, I feel relieved to be apppraoching the final CP of the race, which drives me to run the rest of the way home. Today was a good day, I enjoyed the run and came in at 7hrs, poition 466, not exactly a marathon time to be proud of!!

That’s night, we feast on everything we have, double peperami night and three Nutrigrain bars; this is living life on the wildside!!