So, the Marathon des Sables, two years of planning and dreaming to tackle the toughest footrace on earth.
No doubt there are tougher events, but this race will deliver what you put into to it. Conditions are harsh, and you choose how hard to tackle the event. Next time, and I fear there will be a next time, I will move from a target of finishing to a target of fast as I can. I certainly could have done more in the earlier days, and on the ‘big day’, but I didn’t want to jeopardise my chances of completing the MdS. This was a great experience and a fabulous journey, one I can only recommend.

Having completed MdS, there is no way back to normality now. I’ve already eyed up a few other events, the Trans 333 (a non stop desert race), the 6633 Ultra (at minus 25oC, somewhat colder). The fabulous organisation and heritage of the MdS makes it a must however, and hopefully an experience I will repeat at some point.

Next for me now will be an Ironman triathlon. Somewhere exotic perhaps? Certainly, one to travel for, and more family friendly as a spectator sport. This will be a major challenge for me, I can barely swim 25m front crawl, let alone 2.4 miles, and the cut off times will be more pertinent in comparison to the MdS. After all, what could be a better training programme for a return to the MdS in 3 years or so!