First ultra
The moment of truth, January brought the Tring2Town, a 45 mile race at the end of the month.
The moment of truth, January brought the Tring2Town, a 45 mile race at the end of the month. Probably the easiest possible 45 miler, being along the Grand Union canal, but 45 miles nonetheless.

I'm still in one piece! I did get blisters on both heels, which is annoying; something I need to investigate further before March. Also suffered from back pain from the rucksack in kidney area on both sides of my lower back. Maybe train wearing the sack more often now? I took 11 hours. Turned out to be 46.5m miles as well, the distance between the start and the canal system wasn't 'included'!! In terms of strategy, I planned to run for 1 hour and then run/walk for alternate 20 min stints. The running at 12 min miles, the walking at 15, which would get me to 10hrs. Plan started well, ran the first hour all sub 12. Then the alternate 20/20 also started well, with my run times generally faster than the first hour and my walks all around the 13-13:30 min miles. This served me well until around the 25 mile mark, when I started to flag although all averages still well below the 15 min mile stage. Got second wind a couple of miles later as I came into check point 3 (29 mile marker). I then picked up again over the next few miles to check point 4 at the 33 mile marker. Thereafter, I pretty much walked it, but at a slowing pace, with blisters an increasing issue. All in, I'm pleased with the result, despite being beaten by a 60 year old woman!! It was important to cover the distance in tact (critical for me in fact) and I feel that I could have covered a marathon the next day if need be. I am concerned about blisters though, and am looking to find any possible solutions that may help. In retrospect, I probably could have pushed harder in the mid 30s, starting to walk earlier than I should perhaps.